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Ecoist - The Fashionable and Eco Friendly Bag

eco-bag.jpgSince we were really into this green and eco-fashion, I would like to add another green and eco products that I found several years ago on the web. I accidentally found this website few years back, when I was browsing of some unique products for my fashion article. I purchased one of their clutch through my friend in States, and had save their link on my database. Few days ago, when I was cleaning my bags collections, I remembered that I haven't reviewed about this bag. So, I was browsing around on their website, collecting some information, and became quite amazed by how they improved their products and put their creativities to the highest level by creating more eco products.

This Ecoist was founded in 2004 and since then, they have created unique gifts and fashion accessories for the eco-minded individual. The first objective is to merge design with social and environmental consciousness to provide stylish, functional, and durable products that people will love to own. All of their products are made of recycled, organic, or earth - friendly materials, and are manufactured through their network of fair trade partnerships around the world. Now, don't get it wrong. Green and eco-fashion doesn't mean trashy style. They do understand that style comes first. They want people to buy their products cause they look good on them, not because they are on a mission to save the Earth, though to me, what they do were really saving the Earth. For example, you could see the beautiful and stylish bags picture below. These bags were made from 100% repurposed candy wrappers, food packages, and soda lables by fair trade workers on Mexico. They come in different sizes and different styles. eco-bag3.jpg Or this pull tab handbags below. They were made from 100 % post-consumer recycled aluminum tabs and were handmade in Brazil by women’s Cooperatives. They also come in different sizes and different styles. eco-bag21.jpg Another choices are these silver bags that are so elegant and glamour. You can wear them anytime and anywhere. Pair them with silver belt or silver stilettoes and you'll look elegant instantly. They could be worn as a party and clubbing bag too. eco-bag-41.jpg Or maybe you want something different and unique? These bags are kiss of the death for you who love something unique and or movie lovers. Those one-of-a-kind handbags are made from repurposed movie billboards. In collaboration with Modulab, Ecoist collects outdoor movie billboards that were headed for a landfill. Sturdy, durable, and waterproof. You might find a handbag made from your favorite movies. eco-bag-5.jpg No, this is not finished yet. You'll still be able to find many other bags, clutch, camera pouch, yoga bag, shoulder bag, and many others, made of confetti, newspaper, candy wrapper, soda packages, soda labels, barcodes, movie billboards, pull tabs, and many others in different colours, sizes, and styles. Isn't that great? They create wonderful stuff while saving our Earth on the same time. eco-abg-6.jpg And to add more, they will plant a tree for each bag that purchased. Means, you also help to make this earth greener. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab some and make yourself stylish in a green and eco friendly way! Products are available at: (CSPV/JKT/VC07)
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